I believe, that as artists, we express ourselves in pieces.

     We find it difficult to display our character in a single work.

        Every piece by artists expresses a unique and fascinating approach.

     This manipulated photograph exhibits the fragments of one artist and how she reveals herself

piece by piece.


“Beauty in Chaos”

As human beings, we have our own belief systems. We see the world in different ways. We all have our own pair of glasses; this determines how we view life. 

The glasses in the photographs represent our world view. What we believe, influences what we see. 

Our world may be chaotic at times; there will always be beauty to find, but this depends on our pair of glasses. 

The question is, what type of glasses are you looking through?

“Enhancing the Ordinary”

As an artist, I’m always looking to showcase the ordinary into an artistic expression. 

 This three piece series is an example of it. 

Roses are beautiful on their own. I’m just simply magnifying their beauty in a unique perspective. 

Therefore, I am enhancing the ordinary. 

“The Addict”

His body is shaking,
His vision is blurred,
His mind…distorted,
His soul…broken.


 This manipulated photograph expresses the power of human relationships. 

Every decision we make affects others. 

Every word we say affects others. 

The title of this piece is in French, it means “souls”. 

There are desires in our soul to be in relationships. 

The power of relationships are more impactful than we could ever know.

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