“Streets of Havana”

Digital Art & Photography Series


When you step off the airplane, the strong, hot wind rushes over you. The burning sun leaves you more red than you think.

The airport is crowded with people. There’s a blended smell of cafeteria food and men’s sweat.

Taxi drivers swarm, offering a ride. You bargain for a reasonable price. Finally, you both come to an agreement. Your bags are thrown into the car and off you go.

You’ve seen empty fields and palm trees for thirty minutes. All of a sudden, tall, old buildings and lights are in your view. A mixed smell of delicious foods enters into the car, as you hear all types of street music.

You’ve now approached the capital’s main street.
Welcome to Havana.



The streets of Havana are long and narrow. They look the same and all connect to each other. You think you’re lost for a moment, but make one left turn, and you’re suddenly not lost anymore.

Depending on which street you find yourself on, the people are either very loud or very quiet. Both are unique in their own way. 

Old cars will honk, warning you to move out of their way. 

Men offer you their best cigars.

Clothes hang on balconies from left to right.

Buildings and cars are vibrantly colourful, reflecting the personalities of the people.

Living spaces inside the buildings are narrow with tall ceilings. Stars are long and tiresome, but good for the heart. Enjoy cooling off inside the concrete buildings before you enter the hot sun again.




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