Photographed by Paola Savtchouk

Alisa Jane Hoodikoff

Is a digital artist and photographer.  She was born in New York and raised in Kyiv, Ukraine.

Her full interest in photography began as a young teenager, when she discovered the art of digitally manipulating her photographs.

Alisa’s art focuses on enhancing the beauty of an individual, as well as nature, through a unique perspective.

The style of her work is contemporary and abstract.  So far, Alisa’s artwork has been displayed in Germany, Cuba, Malaysia and the United States.

Artwork Displays & Awards

Black Lotus Tattoo Art Gallery – Maryland, USA –  2018

Maryland Federation of Art (50 Forever Online) – Maryland, USA – 2018

SuperVivo Magazine – July (Front Cover) – Havana, Cuba – 2018

Festivo  (Supervivo Festival) – Havana, Cuba – 2018

Vollie Award Winner – Outstanding Volunteer Photography – 2017

Embassy of Ukraine – Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia – 2017

Wonderland Cafe – Nuremberg, Germany – 2016

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