For Paola.

This page is dedicated to my dearest friend from Ukraine, Paola Savtchouk.

Since I was a baby, we have always been friends. She was born first by three years. I cherished our friendship, but it was not a normal one. Paola always suffered with a sickness. Often, we would get together to watch movies and play music, but later her body would crash and we didn’t know why. Migraines would attack her every day and she would have to lie down, which meant I would have to go home. She never had energy or strength to do anything, but singing was all she could do. She sang around the house, in her room and etc. Music was her outlet from the horrors of physical suffering. For a moment, she could ease her pains by playing music…but not for long. Eventually, her body would crash and she would be in pain.

As we grew older, her symptoms became worse. Severe depression stumbled in like a tidal wave. My heart broke as I sat and watched it all unfold. Our friendship had many difficult patches, filled with arguments and tears. None of us knew what she was truly dealing with. Many doctors took tests and could never find anything…until last year in 2019. She visited a doctor in Italy, there they finally diagnosed her with Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (CFS). Our hearts rejoiced, there was finally a label for her condition. However, our hearts broke even more because there is no cure.

I told Paola I would never give up on her, no matter what happens. I believe there must be a way to lessen the severity of her struggles. There are nutrition programs that help people who suffer from this illness. It doesn’t cure the issue, but it helps relieve it by a large percent. Of course, these programs are often expensive and require you to make financial sacrifices. I can’t ask Paola to make a sacrifice when she doesn’t believe in the hopes of getting better. So I decided to make one for her. I created an art fundraiser online, I am selling my artwork to raise funds towards a program. I hope this helps, if not, we keep trying. We will keep fighting for a hope.

To support Paola, you may view the gallery here:

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